Friday, 25 November 2016

Working in different scales

Hi :-)

Working in miniature has been something I've done for a long while.
I may not always make the time to blog, take pictures, or even record videos about my adventures, however I always want to share them.

Over the past two years I've spent more time working in 1:6, 1:4 and 1:3 scale specifically creating dioramas and props for my Ball jointed doll collection.

I still work in 1:12 scale:-)

.... I sometimes post on flickr and Instagram, but keeping up with all the social media platforms can get tedious at times (for me). So this week I decided to come back to my old favourite. so here I am, once again on blogger.

Here's a little bit of what I've been up to

Below is a picture of a 1:6 scale cottage I scratch built, using wood, foam board, PVC board and various other bits and pieces.

Building works completed #1/6th scale scratch build

Below is an Ikea inspired shelving unit in 1:12 scale I also built

"Tissue papers and wood strips" created an #Ikea inspired shelving unit for craft room in my doll house  #ikeahejne #dollhouse #modern #miniature

Below are 1:4 scale props I made (except the colouring pencils!)

Till next time :-) x

Thursday, 25 September 2014

What I've been up to...

I've been mostly working in 1/6th and 1/4th scale and creating dioramas for my other hobby :-)

In my 1/12th scale doll houses I am always changing things around and earlier on in summer I decided to create a craft/ hobby room / workshop thing in my waterside way house.:-)

The ground floor of waterside way house used to be an architects office till I decided to make it into a craft store/ workshop. It had off white walls which I covered using card-stock and scrapbook paper

Then I filled it with bought and handmade furniture (by me) as well as making all the little paper packs and mini card stock and books I used in filling up the room :-)

above it the front view of the work in progress 

view showing the workshop area 

view showing the sewing table with a vintage sewing machine and paper packs and boxes I made.

craft workshop area :-)

the views above showing a display I made of mini crafty goodies and notice boards showing of some packs!

an art journal page in progress by the mini craft store owner :-)
and paper packs and stamping stuff 

the display in more detail 

it was a fun project :-) completed in June and didn't get the chance to blog about it till now :-)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Crafting on my desk :-)

I always enjoy looking at my  miniatures:-) and I'm always on the look out for great display options for my minis. So having stuff I've made hidden in boxes isn't something I'm fond of :-)

A couple of weeks ago I took one look at my crafting area and all the stored minis, and decided I needed to display all the miniature craft items I'd made, especially replicas of my favourite paper packs, cardstock, stamps, stencils, pens, markers, colouring media etc; at least somewhere I could enjoy looking at them.

(I had even made rolls of double sided tape ;-))

So I decided to make a craft room scene that would sit on a corner of my desk. I wanted to duplicate my work area but that got a bit hard trying to replicate my storage units, so I decided to make Ikea inspired shelving that looked similar instead but still retaining the crafty atmosphere :-) of my space.

Almost everything has been handmade by me :-)

Monday, 7 April 2014

Making toy storage spaces...

... I needed more shelving for a toy room in my 1/6 scale diorama, and I was having a bit of trouble finding shelving |I liked.
My local craft store had  unfinished wooden bead craft organizers, so I bought a couple and painted them to use as shelves.

the finished shelving in the toy room :) and filled with lovely re-ment pieces 

Sunday, 2 February 2014

work in progress...

Via Flickr:
playing around, an eating area maybe ?

I have been working on redesigning the cafe/ cake shop in my cabinet, and I was thinking of adding an eating area... its in 1/6 scale

hello kitty home sweet home

Dining room
Living room
and Bathroom

found this cute set of 6 miniature rooms, I'll use it to make a doll house for a doll :)

Via Flickr:
full set of 6 rooms, garden, bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining room :-) packed in a foil package