Saturday, 3 August 2013

Finally, I got my hands on the Ikea huset dolls house furniture set! yeah!

.. I had to go to the store to get it as it wasn't available to buy online from the Ikea site, and here it is :)

About 5 weeks ago I saw a picture on Flickr of the new dolls house furniture by Ikea! it was a promotional picture.
 I was pretty excited, although there was no information about its scale or size, I figured it might be a similar size to the furniture they have had in the past, or maybe even suitable for 1:12 scale!

Then I came across a very informative post by The Shopping Sherpa and I was crushed that it was in an odd scale, about 1:8 scale, but then again it might work with re-ment?!

The set was due to be released in august here in the UK, so I had to wait. I kept going back to the website for information and finally I couldn't take it anymore I had to have it  or at least some information on when it would be available, so I contacted Ikea on the 1st of august, and was told it was in store at my "not-so-local" Ikea,....grrr... with the promise of a family lunch at Ikea I dragged my family off to Ikea this morning and tada! I am now the excited owner of 2 sets of the Huset series :-) and as you do, I immediately tried out a scene with it ....

It comes as shown above in a white cardboard box and plastic covering...

it was quite easy getting it out of the box :-)

I used one set to make the scene below :-)

I placed a re-ment cafe chair in the scene, (the one on the left) for comparison :-)

on the expedit shelves are re-ment pieces on the left and 1:12 scale pieces on the right, and a sylvanian families toy shop house on top.

The larger doll is a 27cm yo-sd doll and the smaller one is 24cms and the furniture works better with her:-)

Friday, 2 August 2013

Reac...ting to the chair dilemma ^_^

Chairs, chairs, chairs......which one to use?

When I want to create a scene or work in my dolls house I might have an idea of what chairs I want to use or sometimes I have a colour scheme in mind, and that determines what chairs I use... there have been times where the room evolved from the chair rather than the other way around :-)

Sometimes I want to have certain chairs in a scene because I like them, but they don't work in the scene:(.
I have an office scene for which I bought 5 of the same chair in order to achieve uniformity, but I also have other chairs in it that don't match, and don't go together!... so I decided to call the scene "eclectic" :-)

I like contemporary design, and as an admirer and collector of doll house miniatures I have managed to acquire a small amount of chairs :) I have my favorites :) and some I would want to own in large scale, ;-) and also some that only work in my doll house scenes.

I have some, that none of my dolls can sit in, :-) but that's okay, I sometimes imagine me sitting in them :)

I have blogged in the past about finding designer chairs made by Reac. in Japan and since then I have collected the designs I like, and i still have my eyes on a few, but for now that will have to wait....

My confusion about what chair to use in what scene, might be resolved, by documenting what chairs are available to use. I have often wondered what it would be like to see how many I actually own and how many different types of chairs I have in my houses.

This might reveal a little bit about my personality or maybe just my buying habits ...:) or even my design philosophy when it comes to modern architecture..blah, blah, blah:-)

could it just be a matter of "I see, I like, and I buy!" :-D

[When I started getting ready to do this post I realized that it was much harder than I imagined to photograph all my chairs, so I gave up and only photographed my reac chairs ;-)]

I went through the rooms in my houses and photographed the combination of chairs used in a room setting, instead of putting them all together and taking one big picture :)

The chairs above where in a living room scene

The chairs above where also in a living room / gaming room scene

The chairs above where in an office scene

The chairs above where in a 2 scenes -bedroom room and hallway scene

The chairs above where in a 3 scenes - bedroom, living room  and nursery scenes

so many doubles hmmmm...........

They have all been taken out of my houses and placed in a 1:4 scale diorama for this post :) xx