Monday, 12 March 2012

Playing with blue light :-)

Its the weekend!
What should I do?
mmm! I know I'll test a new lighting system in the waterside Way house :-)

I have always wanted to have spotlights in my house and I haven't been able to find a lighting system i liked, then i decided to look for a system i could create myself!

I wanted one that was battery operated as I'd recently moved the house to a different section of my living room.

I found car led lighting systems and Christmas tree lights, but couldn't find a bulb size i was comfortable with.
I went into a pound store, and I found their a set of snowflake lights and took it home took it apart and rearranged it and tada! i now have some kind of strip lighting....not sure if blue light is the new white...:)


  1. Do not know how you made this work, but I love the blue lights a lot! The house looks fantastic!

  2. Thanks Lilsdolls :-D
    Its still growing on me ;-)

  3. The blue is interesting, but yes it does grow on you. Cool idea!

  4. :-) yes it does grow on you after a while, it would be lovely to have the lighting built into the ceiling though!