Saturday, 18 February 2012

bathroom in soft light

bathroom in soft light
Originally uploaded by Natalie_007
list of things to do....

1. Must remember to fix the shower now the days are getting brighter :-)
2. hang out the wet towels
3. buy more toiletries
4. must blog more
5. must blog more!
6. hmmm...take more pictures too!

....will try :-)


  1. Yes, must blog more, please! Sorry I haven't checked your blog in awhile and just noticed everything you've done this year. Looking forward to catching up now. I LOVE this bathroom!!

  2. Thank you :-)
    I'll try to blog more, I'd like to be on here more so I can get to see all the lovely stuff everyone's doing! I need to do some catching up too! Off to check yours :)