Saturday, 10 September 2011

Black and white

Haven't been able to blog normally on here for a while, as I had problems logging in :( so I have been posting from flickr! its been a bit inconvenient! but its sorted now (I hope) so this is my first proper blog in a while, and am so sorry I haven't been able to reply to comments.

I've done some redecoration in the attic of my Mayfair mansion :)

This is my black and white living room, my starting point was a piece of black pearlescent paper I found in a craft shop.

I decided to use just black and white furnishings for the room but couldn't resist using my re-ment sushi set! which is placed on a table I made, I also made the wooden wall clock which is pine-coloured. Under the clock is a fish tank I made, but I couldn't make a nice enough fish so I decided to put in a turtle I bought :) which was plan b :)

I also added an oriental inspired floor cushion which I bought on an auction site, but besides that I have tried to stay true to my black and white theme.


  1. Well it looks the way I like it. I can move in any day! Black and white as a base for furniture is perfect! (I have a lot of black and white furniture in my real home.)
    Kind regards from Lil

  2. thanks Lil for your lovely comment,
    I would love to do this in my real home too:-)