Sunday, 23 January 2011

Dinah's coming soon! yum

Dinah and the final preparations in her new shop

Now that Christmas is over, Dinah has been doing a lot of baking preparing for the opening of her new shop! there's still a lot to do and Glori has promised to help so... it should be open soon ;-)
There's so much to do especially arranging the new cabinets and deciding where all the cakes Dinah made are going to be displayed! all the 3 new glass cabinets are full! what to do.....
Glori is still trying to arrange the seating area for the new customers!


  1. ah viel Kuchen! es sieht alles sehr lecker, wie viel für einen Kuchen? ;)

  2. Danke Jen, begann ich so dass sie und konnte nicht aufhören:)