Saturday, 31 July 2010

re-ment sweets and cakes

These re-ment sweets as so delicious I decided to make a sweet and cake shop just to house them... this way I enjoy candy without the worrying ;-)

re-ment from the elegant sweets series, and the megahouse cake de cafe series and some homemade and bought cakes.

the pick and mix perspex display was made by me :-) it reminded me of woolworths and their pic 'n' mix


  1. Mmmmm, chocolate...

    Everything looks so jummy, and the shop looks very inviting! (Can you tell it makes my mouth water?) I love re-ment too, even though my food collection is just a fraction of yours it seems :-)

    Your pick and mix perplex looks great, you are a real handywoman you clever girl!

  2. Thanks Pubdoll!
    oops I was hoping no one would notice my re-ment addiction hee hee!
    I absolutely love re-ment, megahouse is great too as a lot of their items are slightly smaller so fit in with 12th and 16th scale ;-)

    you are so sweet! thank you x

  3. where did you buy your rement items please tell me

  4. hi Rashidah
    I get my re-ment from Hong Kong and Japan. I mostly buy them through eBay or other online shops. Hope that helps:-)

  5. Hi there, I love collecting re ment but I'm having real trouble finding a house box for my items. Where did you get the cake shop?

    1. Apologies Cammiii,
      for the extremely late reply! I only just found this comment!
      I bought a 1/12th dolls house from my local store and used it for the cake shop most of the furniture in the pictures are 1/12th scale I considered buying the re-ment room box but they are very rare and almost impossible to find, hope this helps :-)
      Most of my other re-ment pieces are in a 'dolls house emporium house' as their houses are slightly bigger, even though are 12th scale.