Friday, 19 March 2010

changes in the kitchen

hello everyone :-) its been a dreary winter, decided to re-aarange the kitchen as its officially sping yeah! its good to be back!
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  1. the kitchen is great, well done! I love the tiles and especially the fridge. where did you buy it?
    Nice you are back, Natalie!
    Greetings from Germany and

  2. Thanks Oese, glad you like it, the fridge is by the dolls house emporium, but I got it on eBay.
    Thanks Oese for the welcome I am glad to be back as I have missed this :-)
    and its lovely to hear from you xx

  3. Hi, I know this is an older post, but I have been looking everywhere for these kitchen cabinets. they were available a few months ago, but now I can't find them anywhere. Where did you get these?