Saturday, 27 March 2010

open plan lundby space :-)

I have always loved watching property makeover programmes and I especially like 'grand designs', there was an episode where the couple building a house wanted an open plan ground floor and it was lovely so I decided to use my basement in my 12th scale house and create an open plan apartment using my lundby furniture :-)
I put in a small white partition wall to section off the bathroom! from the kitchen and the rest is open

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Friday, 19 March 2010

updates to waterway side house

in the house I had struggled for so long with the kitchen cos i really wanted to use my re-ment furniture and this is the effect I got with just 2 of my cupboards and the scales didn't work with the rest of the house so I am going to use 12th scale furniture and redo the kitchen and post oictures soon :-)

a view through the window into the living area :-)

an experiment:-) i placed this balcony which I made from stair railings and decorated using felt and lundby plants and re-ment room furniture on the balcony of the house :-)

made some changes to the bathroom, showing my lovely sink by pinchofpepper :-)
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nursery in progress

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changes to the bathroom

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a new workspace :-)

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changes in the living room

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changes in the kitchen

hello everyone :-) its been a dreary winter, decided to re-aarange the kitchen as its officially sping yeah! its good to be back!
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