Tuesday, 16 February 2010

miniature magazine stand :-)

made a magazine stand and magazines for the shop :-)


  1. This is great. It looks so realistic!CM

  2. I love your re-ment shop, my "folks" want to go to Kent now :-) And this magazine stand is fantastic, it does look really realistic!
    You have done a splendid job making it!

  3. Hi Pubdoll,
    Your "folks" are welcome anytime, its raining now so they would need their macs and wellies ;-) and I have shopping trolleys that they can use to get their shopping done :-)

    Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it, I had the mug stand from the re-ment beauty storage set, the one that comes with a large pink dish drainer! and it was too big for my girls so I cut it in half and used it as the base for the magazine stand a bit naughty :-)

  4. Natalie, the magazine stand is just perfect!!!
    I love modern dollhouse and your decorations are fantastic!!!
    The sewing machine and iron is from Delph Miniatures and you can also buy it at Elf Miniatures, both are located in UK. Now I'm looking for a modern ironing board. Do you have any idea where I can find it??

  5. The magazine rack is so realistic, as is the shop. Great photos.

  6. Hi Meli,
    Thanks for your lovely comments, sorry its taken so long to reply! thank you also for letting me know about the iron and sewing machine :-) the modern ironing board I got was the table top one from the re-ment electronics series, I haven't been able to find a modern one anywhere else, sorry, have a lovely weekend x

  7. thank you so much, Pandora :-)