Sunday, 31 January 2010

Whats under the stairs?

Under the stairs?.... its where everything ends up! great storage spot, though :-)

Tom: Kitty? have you seen my silver car?

Kitty: no Tom, I haven't, where did you last see it?

Tom: It was upstairs in my room I remember playing with it.......

Kitty: why don't you check there!
Tom: no no no I think its under the stairs, thats where you always say my toys are when they get lost!
Kitty: ok I'll look.....

Under the stairs?.... we tend to keep all kinds of stuff under the stairs, maybe shoes, tools or other handy stuff, but I finally decided to put the kind of stuff I imagine to be under the stairs. The area is used by Kitty for her laundry, for the dogs to eat and sleep and Tom's bicycle as well as the stuff for washing the car! the recycling, a broken stool that Dinah said she'd mend and so much more

Did you spot Tom's car :-)


  1. I thought I had left a comment here earlier, but I guess I must have been interrupted in the process... You have placed just the right kind of stuff under the stairs, I love it! And I think Tom should listen more to Kitty :-)

  2. Thank you Pubdoll :-)
    It would be so nice if he did ;-)