Friday, 8 January 2010

project update :-)

I finished painting the balcony rods, windows, doors on the inside and outside today and spent a while, pealing off the sticky back paper from the acetate (32 pieces!)

This is what the finished house looks like, I'm so happy :-)
my take, on an art deco house
next step.... furnishing ;-)
I will leave the stairs for another day as I'm exhausted lol!


  1. Wow, Natalie, this looks fabulous, I love the stairs and the the black and white paint!
    It's fairly cold here too; -20°C and still half a meter of snow in the garden! But great for miniature work :-)

  2. I like your house very much, it looks so cool. the black and white looks much better for me than the usual way. And your skills in building this: adorable!
    I'm a bit envy ;-)

  3. Hi Pubdoll ;-)
    Thank you!
    -20 is cold, hope you are wrapping up warm :)

    I have had a lovely weekend staying indoors and having fun with the house!

  4. Hi Oese, Thank you!
    Glad you like it :-)

    I have always loved the art deco design and its use of black and white.
    I have learnt so much doing this and I was always scared I wouldn't be able to build this house properly :-)