Sunday, 31 January 2010

Whats under the stairs?

Under the stairs?.... its where everything ends up! great storage spot, though :-)

Tom: Kitty? have you seen my silver car?

Kitty: no Tom, I haven't, where did you last see it?

Tom: It was upstairs in my room I remember playing with it.......

Kitty: why don't you check there!
Tom: no no no I think its under the stairs, thats where you always say my toys are when they get lost!
Kitty: ok I'll look.....

Under the stairs?.... we tend to keep all kinds of stuff under the stairs, maybe shoes, tools or other handy stuff, but I finally decided to put the kind of stuff I imagine to be under the stairs. The area is used by Kitty for her laundry, for the dogs to eat and sleep and Tom's bicycle as well as the stuff for washing the car! the recycling, a broken stool that Dinah said she'd mend and so much more

Did you spot Tom's car :-)

Sunday, 24 January 2010

more rooms in the new house :-)

not sure yet, if I'll leave the romms as they are, but just wanted to use some stuff I got! :-)
Posted by Picasa attempts at it :-)

Recently I have become more confident to try making things myself, well mainly because I have had to cut down on my budget as I was getting carried away with my spending :(
In an effort to be a bit more sensible (lol!) I decided to build a sideboard (with opening doors) and a bed, and here they are :-)

I bought 2 sheets of white acrylic/acetate and got the seller to cut one sheet into equal squares, and the other sheet into 3 strips. I then made the sideboard.

On one of my previous trips to Ikea, (I love Ikea) I picked up 4 wooden soapdishes as I felt they would come in handy someday, as you do! and I used 3 of them to make the base for my new modern bed. I then made a mattress and used a stripy fabric to make a cover for it, with a matching pillow :-)

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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Progress on the bathroom!

Finally finished the wall to floor tiling! :-) phew! for the bathroom in the new house, still needs a mirror and accessories!
not too happy with the toilet, it's an Ikea children's dolls house toilet. I put a black strip around it, not sure it works....but I am still looking for a new toilet that goes with the shower.
The sink unit is handmade :-)

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Sunday, 10 January 2010

I am so excited I have finished the second floor of my house ;-)

Wouldn't it be lovely to redesign a real house in an evening just the way you wanted without the hassle of builders, painters, workmen trampling everywhere.....hmmmm

Over the past year I have collected quite a bit of modern miniatures such as re-ment, reac, dolls house emporium miniatures, and lots of eBay finds! I have always had in mind a dream house to put them all in.
Yesterday I decided to decorate and furnish one of the floors of my new house (123 waterside way house) with most of the items that have been very special to me!

The art/pictures on the walls are my design, and the clock is my take on a classic designer clock!
The fish tank is my creation too, haven't been able to make the fish yet lol! I am really enjoying this :-)
The accessories are re-ment, furniture reac and dolls house emporium. The bar/table is a junk shop find not sure what it is originally meant to be but I adapted it!

The nintendo wii, games/console/wii fit are Yujin gashapon!

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Friday, 8 January 2010

project update :-)

I finished painting the balcony rods, windows, doors on the inside and outside today and spent a while, pealing off the sticky back paper from the acetate (32 pieces!)

This is what the finished house looks like, I'm so happy :-)
my take, on an art deco house
next step.... furnishing ;-)
I will leave the stairs for another day as I'm exhausted lol!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow day!

Today was a snow day, which really means due to the severe weather conditions most schools are shut and driving is considered hazardous! and everything grinds to a halt :\

hmmm! what a perfect day to continue working on my newest project!

I used today to finish the painting of the house yeah! well, apart from the spindles, stairs, door frames, window frames....... and um! OK a few bits and pieces but the main painting is done (in white) which means I am getting much closer to decorating and furnishing! yippee! so so exciting :-)
I recently saw a lovely modern art deco house in a village near where I live and I decided my house would be white with black finishing too! as soon as that is done I will remove the backing paper from the acetate windows... I can hardly wait!