Tuesday, 10 November 2009

rearranging in the lundby!

I had a recent cleaning and sorting session, and decided to look through all the lundby stuff I had acquired. I wanted to make sure I displayed my favourite bits in the house, this involved rearranging some rooms and this is the result :-)

I got the orange stripy armchair broken, without a base in a job lot and I decided to make a silver base for it, using a bratz plastic chair base and some foil insulation tape, seems ok :-)

I would like to retain the original wallpaper, but because of the watermarks, I may have to put up new wallpaper or maybe paint it :(


  1. It looks great! You have some lovely pieces, especially the two-seater and three-seater leather lounges! And that's a great base for the swivel chair, what a good idea, as they seem to have broken quite easily.
    I don't see many water stains - the main one I can see is where there's a power socket, so maybe you could put a light there, or put a picture over it? If there are any others, they're really not noticeable even when I enlarge the photos :-)

  2. Thank you, Rebecca
    I'm glad you like it :-)

    there are a couple of water stains hidden behind the bookcase and living room units, but the biggest water stain is the one over the socket. Using a picture to cover it is a great idea! I'm going to do that :-)thanks

  3. So much nice furniture in one place! There are several pieces I like, and some of them I have as well :-) I didn't spot the yellow rug first in the kitchen, but now I see it and I have set my eye on the same rug on ebay :-) It's very nice! Love the table with the yellow/orange top by the window as well.
    When I rented a little apartment in my early twenties it had a wallpaper just like the one in the top floor :-)

  4. Thanks Pubdoll ;-)
    I hope you win the rug :-) its such a lovely modern pattern! and I can't wait to see how you use it, I love looking at your pictures and deciphering all the puns :-)