Saturday, 21 November 2009

first time for everything :-)

I have always dreamed of building my own modern dolls house, something that would be reflective of a real house with rooms in depth and many internal walls and connecting doors, and nooks and crannies, with surprises under the stairs :-)

I went to my local woodworking shop and bought a large strip of plywood and got them to cut it into specified pieces.

I was so optimistic as I went home with my pieces of wood, some sand paper and instructions on protecting myself from sawdust!

I made myself a cup of tea all the while casting side glances at the bag. I cleared an area and brought out the pieces and my previously drawn plans..... then I started sanding and preparing the wood pieces for gluing, I was a builder-in-the-making!

After about an hour, I had sanded, prepped and glued the sides to make my first.....drumroll...... 2 rooms! yes I was excited! I had to wait for a couple of hours for it to dry and then I sanded and painted them, yeah!

and yes! I'm still dreaming of building my house lol!

I have wallpapered and decorated one of them, the last picture shows the 2nd one undecorated, what do you think :-)


  1. wow, I can see the fun you had making this nice room. I like the coffee-table is it self-made too?)and the blue vases in the shelf looks really great. I look forward to seeing the next room.

  2. Wow!!! Is so pretty!!! I love how this room turn out and the furniture is just fantastic.
    My congratulations.

  3. Hi Oese,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments, and yes I really enjoyed making it.
    I'm glad you like the coffee table, I made it :-)
    I have started work on the second room, I hope it turns out ok!

  4. Thank you Meli,
    I am happy you like it, thank you very much for your nice compliments ;-)

    I am encouraged to continue!

  5. Nice work Natalie, I love the result! I can't saw myself and haven't thought of getting in done in the shop!
    The coffee table looks great as well! It's fun making things yourself isn't it? I'm not very handy, so I'm very proud and pleased with myself each time I manage to make the easiest things :-) And this doesn't look easy at all, I'm impressed!

  6. :-) Thank you so much Pubdoll :)

    I can't saw either, hubby had to help cut the parts for the window :) I'm ok with a craft knife and thats about it lol!

    I get such a warm feeling when I make something, and it actually looks like what I was trying to achieve x