Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Preparing Dinner for friends!

Lily is expecting her friends over for dinner!
Phew! she has finally got her place ready and she has had a tiring day as she had to make 4 different dinners as her friends all like different things!
At least everyone likes salad, she hopes, and "smiles to herself" as she has made a large plate of salad :)

artwork and oriental style cushions made by me :), accessories are re-ment, eBay finds, dolls house emporium, hickleton interiors..


  1. Poor Lily, making four different dinners for her friends sounds like a lot of stress! (If I have different vegetables and sauce with the main course I have problems just finishing them at the same time.) But at least she has very nice shelves in her kitchen and a fabulous dining table!
    Great art work!

  2. :-)
    I'm just the same ;-)

    Thank you so much Pubdoll, I'm so glad you like them :)x

  3. I like the cd cabinet as the perfect modern setting. It reminds me of the Paris Renfroe pods. I agree with Pubdoll, I am envious of those cool shelves. Why can't my real house have storage like that? :)

  4. Thank you so much! Petitenouveau:)

    I adore those pods by Paris Renfroe!

    Would you believe I made those shelves from balsa wood, I cut into strips! and I didn't like them when I first stuck them, as I thought they were too close together ;-)