Friday, 23 October 2009

making a bold "colour" statement

Inspired by a "pack of tissues" ;-)

I bought a cute pack of pocket tissues from Ikea, and as i took one out of the pack, it looked too cute to use, with lovely bold coloured stripes so I thought hmmm what if it could be used for something else, where its beauty can be admired,
... and here it is, what do you think? :-)

I used it as a rug :-) , its a small rug folded in the first picture, then I opened it out for a carpet effect!
I love the colours!


  1. Very nice, both pattern and colours, especially the one in the last photo!
    Love the furniture as well!

  2. the idea with the tissues is great, but tell us something about the furniture - it is so sweet. seems to be new....
    I like it very much.

  3. Thank you so much, Pubdoll ;-)
    I wish I could find fabric with the same colours and pattern it would make lovely cushions/pillows!

  4. Thank you Oese :-)

    The blue/mauve chairs and sofa, the coffee table and the 2 "ikea expedit" style matching white shelf units are all from the dolls house emporium.

    The white sideboard is made up of 2 display sets from the re-ment beauty storage series.

    The blue side table is an ELC wooden sofa!
    and the wooden ornaments/vases are from a chinese chopstick gift set :-)

    accessories are re-ment and ebay finds, thanks for asking :-)

  5. What a groovy tissue! I love the colours and the irregular stripes - they make it look very much like a modern carpet. I like it in the last photo best too

  6. Wow, Dollshouse emporium. You must be a rich woman!!!!
    It's funny, I've got these chopstick-things too. They are great for different use, aren't they?
    Thanks for telling us what you used.

  7. :-) Oese!
    I would love to be rich ;-)
    If I was I would definitely buy the Clearview house by Maim ;-) its so lovely

    My sister always gets me stuff from the dolls house emporium! she feeds my addiction :-)

  8. Thank you so much Rebecca :-)
    Ikea is great! isn't it?!

  9. Oh Natalie. I'm so sorry to have no sister and no brother :-( :-( :-(