Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hallway - experimenting?!

Some weeks ago on an earlier post I talked about how I was confused about how to best use the hallways in my "Mayfair mansion", then 2 days ago, I had this crazy idea!

what if I laid down new flooring and put in a new kitchen to make the hallway a kitchen area, a bit cramped, but I like it :)

needs some accessories on the shelf on the side

Still a work in progress!
The kitchen is from the dolls house emporium, the accessories are re-ment, and ebay finds. The wooden panelling behind the kitchen are soap dishes :)


  1. I like it, as much as we all want airy, open kitchens they never end up that way in real life so this has some realism for me. I've seen alot of creative mini kitchens too. Kinda reminds me of the set up Altera did in the "bathroom" of a Lundby Stockholm. It's also great to see that re-ment starbucks mug - I've been wondering if it was close to 1:12 scale.

  2. Thank you Petitenouveau :)

    I always dream of a bigger real life kitchen, and so most of my dolls house kitchen have been in line with my dreams;-), but it feels nice to do something more realistic, so thanks for your nice comments.

    I must check out Altera's blog for the scene you mentioned! I never get tired of looking at all the modern scenes I come across.

    I really like the starbucks mug, and most of the items in the Girls in the city series work very well in 1:12 scale. Callsmall's rement wiki has examples of this!
    heres the link :)