Monday, 26 October 2009

Chilled! introducing le corbusier! de sofa :-)

I wanted to use my new sofa in a scene and I had 2 kitchen stools that had the same chrome effect! so I put them together! I really like the cute yellow telephone, which is a vintage Lundby/Caroline's home phone.

I have used a mixture of furniture from different scales!

the cute pink and red bag is bratz,
the accessories are re-ment, handmade, and eBay finds :-)
The shelving unit is streets ahead!


  1. First post with the new sofa! This looks fantastic. I especially like the entertainment unit and the wall treatment. Are you tempted to get the matching chair now?

  2. :-)
    Thank you so much! petitenouveau, the wall treatment is actually a full size painting on canvas.
    yes! I would love to get the chair, I have been watching a couple on ebay ;-)