Tuesday, 22 September 2009

New dolls house! :)

Ok! I'd had my eye on a dolls house from the dolls house emporium for a while now, but I hesitated as I could not justify moving my sofa to the garden to make space for it :) haha! but I finally gave in and bought it. Yes I bought the 1,2,3 waterside way kit! I'd been dreaming about! and its arrived!

Now I look at all the pieces, in the boxes, and I can't help but wonder if this is too much to do now! so I have checked the pieces as you do, and boxed it back up. I will get to it soon when I am feeling braver, although I can't stop thinking of all the great scenes and rooms I can create, and what I could do on the balconies ;-).

So in anticipation of the job of building this dolls house I have set this room.

I think about all the wonderful possibilities and all the things I will try do to right this time, like painting with a roller instead of a paintbrush! or using wallpaper only if it significantly adds to the design, as I find wallpapering stressful, as bubbles seem to pop up from nowhere :), and planning ahead but still taking the time to enjoy every aspect of the process of creating my mini world:)

so I relax with a glass of wine and contemplate ...hmmmmmmm


  1. Congratulations for your new house!!!! I will be as outstanding as the rest.

  2. Thank you Meli :)
    Your comment encourages me!