Saturday, 12 September 2009

Friday???!!! in the office

Ok! this is the low down so far!

I've just been on the phone to Karen, she says a fax is coming through to the department,
"and there are going to be big changes as the new merger has resulted in some job losses and pay cuts!"
well the news spread like wild fire!

It was 5:35 and everyone was off to "the blue bird" for a drink,
I was sitting at my desk with the confidence of one who is certain that all the buzz has nothing to do with me!

Well I could see Dee and the rest around the fax machine talking in hushed tones about what was going to happen! I smiled to myself :)

and then, there was a sudden silence! I heard a gasp! and turned and they were all looking at me.........

Noooooooooooooooo! IT CAN'T BE!!!!!! there must be some mistake.... I had heard from a " most reliable" source.....

(a story I made up to go with my office scene!)

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  1. I'm so glad you made this up, and it hasn't really happened to you (I hope). Still feel sorry for the doll, getting sideways glances and trying to keep her head down and pretend nothing's happening :-(

  2. Oh no, poor girl! But great little story :-)
    I love your office scene!

  3. merger resulted pay cuts job losses reliable source - O thanks Natalie, I learned a lot of new words with this story.
    In our office we have - thank god - more space above our heads ;-) and too much work, so that there are new jobs every year. it's a pity that lawyers earn their money with the conflicts of other people.
    You have so much mini-stuff, one can watch every picture minutes and minutes.
    Thank you for sharing

  4. Thanks Rebecca :)
    Its just made up, that would be terible if it were true..

    ...I was in an print shop recently, and I saw a man come in to send a fax, and the lady serving said, he would have to wait as the shop manager was expecting an important fax from their head office'.... anyway on my way home, it got me thinking, "what if the fax that he was expecting turned out to be bad news, how would he react in front of his staff" hmmmm....and that got me working out different scenes in my head and ....hey presto I thought of this scene, and I had so many actions and charaters in my head :) but not enough space to play out the scenes so I condensed it this one (long story :)!)

  5. Thanks Pubdoll :)

    I have promised her, she will only be in happy scenes from now on :)

  6. Thanks Oese :)
    I am so glad you enjoyed the pictures!
    when it comes to miniatures I guess I am a bit of an addict lol!