Monday, 10 August 2009

:-) much more re-ment!

Re-ment used in the picture are the re-ment - kawaii kitchen set, the "is dinner ready" set, the home electronics set and the home electronics special set !

The kitchen furniture are ikea 1:12 and rement kitchen 1:6 the kitchen sofa/chair set is vintage bodo hennig, the white shelf is from the dolls house emporium modern collection! and was a present! which I really like! the first picture at the top left corner, in the collage shows the basement of my dolls house with both kitchens in it! I just wanted to unpack the sets and display them all to photograph, I'm going to enjoy deciding what goes where as I go along :-)
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  1. for my (older?) eyes it is very exhausting to look at this.
    I would like to say:

    less is more!

  2. so sorry! Oese :-) I was trying to put as many pictures as possible in one! I will take some single pictures too :)