Saturday, 15 August 2009

Beautiful structure!

Summer holidays!

I took the children to the V&A - Museum of childhood! as they looked at the different games and toys I was itching to drag them to the home section which houses the musuems doll house collection, I had been there once with a friend, and enjoyed it, especially seeing how the dolls houses were designed and built to reflect the life, and the people at that time.
I got to see a triang house which I liked, because of its windows and cubic design.

This time I wanted to see a specific house the kaleidoscope house!, as I had been doing some research on it. I tried not to rush the children as they were having so much fun. when we climbed the stairs to the home section, there was a small "Roald Dahl" exhibition which I made sure they enjoyed at "flying speed" lol! and then in awe as we turned a corner, I spotted this awesome house

The plaque read "Shroeder house..."? I didn't have my camera just my phone so I took the pictures below!

I love it! and I want one just like it!

In the same display case as the Shroeder house and the triang house was the house I had gone to see..... the kaleidoscope house... beautiful!

I have always loved seeing pictures and blogs of the Kaleidoscope house and it is one of my favourite houses, and I'd love to own one, but for now this is the closest I have been to one :)


  1. I have always wanted to visit this museum. I appreciate the pictures of the Schroder House. That is a dollhouse too or is that just a model? Interestingly enough---I think the KH was designed in spirit of Rietveld's Schroder House.

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  3. Thanks Mordern MC,
    It was similar in size to the kaleidoscope house, and it wasn't described as a dolls house, so its probably a model :(
    my pictures don't do it justice though...

  4. Love the Schroder House, I would love having that as a doll house! Thanks for sharing!
    The Kaleidoscope House is one of my favourite houses as well and I was lucky enough to see it in Paris.

  5. I love the Triang House and the Schröder too, the KH is not my favourite (I think I'm the only one with this opinion ???)
    I plan to make them all in 1:144, when I'm in the mood for this work.
    I would like to go to this Museum one day too. UK is not so far... Perhaps we'll meet?

  6. Thanks Pubdoll, It would be lovely to have as a doll house, I would have so much fun furnishing it :-)

  7. Thanks Oese, sounds great!, they do have some beautiful houses!

    I would love to see them in 1:144, when you have finished:-)

  8. It's great to see the Schroeder House! Thanks for sharing!