Friday, 7 August 2009

addicted to re-ment!...emmm yes

Still waiting for 3 more complete sets...ah! someone stop me! lol! ok I have just recently gotten into re-ment and have gone on a tiny spending spree.

The stuff on the floor is re-ment! and the kitchen unit at the back! I have placed it next to an ikea dolls kitchen for scale. The cream shelves on the left are repainted ikea shelves and the stuff on them is an ebay find, not re-ment...
I love the steam iron and microwave but they are a bit big!
I absolutely adore how the electronics appliances all came in their small boxes, just like going shopping! lol! :-)


  1. now you can join callsmalls re-ment wiki and tell the world, what fits t 1:12 and what not.

  2. Thanks Oese!
    I have joined callsmall's wiki! it is a brilliant idea, I'm going to take some pictures and contribute to the wiki :-) I had 2 more boxes arrive in the mail today, so i'll add those too xx

  3. but we don't have to be in worry about you, hm?

  4. Hi Oese,
    maybe a little bit :-) haha!
    when I opened the boxes I was so excited, I had bought the home electronics special set, Its so realistic.
    The set has a vacuum cleaner, a printer, a tv, a toaster, coffee maker and a grill! I had fun making the paper in the printer go through it like a real printer.... lol! :), now all I need is....mmmm! 1 maybe 2 more sets! help!

  5. how can I help you?
    if you have enough money and enough time and your friends and famlily are insightful - everything is okay.
    I hope you will tell us the scale in the wiki very soon!
    regards from germany

  6. thanks Oese, :)
    they are very understanding of my "mini-madness" which is great :-)
    I have uploaded my first post and I really liked your pink telephone! I will take some more pictures soon
    Have a lovely day