Sunday, 26 July 2009

more pictures

These are a few pictures I've taken today!

reception room in caroline's home

Dinah's oriental bedroom, waiting for a couple of accessories to finish the look..... trying to find square light fitting ...


I searched for the complete 'mini world miele kitchen by theo klein toys' for ages and couldn't find it, so I have bought the appliances seperately. The miele cooker, washing machine and fridge are from ebay, while the miele microwave and dishwasher are from elf miniatures, i'll get the vacuum cleaner soon :-) I'll have to make my own kitchen units or customise some furniture I already have :-)

I bought some re-ment stuff and the attention to detail is lovely! I really love my new flask its so cute! and it goes well with this picnic basket I found at my local dolls house shop :-)

My Caroline's home by Barton toys still a work in progress :-)

the kitchen in my "Caroline's home" by Barton! still awaiting some stuff for it :-)


  1. Hi Natalie,
    I love your kitchen, where is it from? I mean the white furniture with the metalgrips. I want such a kitchen too. I tried to paint my wooden one, but it is not as glossy as I want it.

  2. Hi Oese,
    Thank you :-)
    I got it on ebay it sells as a complete set, or as individual units, I bought the individual units so I could mix and match them to work around the miele kitchen appliances! they are about half a cm taller than the miele stuff :-) but I like the look

    this is a link address for the listing for the full kitchen set on ebay now

    or link address for the listing of the individual units

    hope the links work :-)

  3. thank you very much for the link, it works.
    I just bought the whole unit. I think I can use it in so many ways that it is worth it.
    hope it will arrive soon.

  4. you're welcome :-)
    thats brilliant! I'm glad the link worked and you got it! love to see pictures when you use it :-)