Monday, 3 June 2013

A new house or perhaps a bed instead?...

About a week ago, I bought a jukka -talo house/cabin. It was no 202 - the store. I was curious about it and did some research and you can find out more here and here, although the one I bought does not seem to be in production anymore :(

when I opened it and tried to build the model I realized 3 pieces were missing ....

rather than agonize over this I decided to use the pieces of this set for something else.
My first attempt at making a house out of the pieces was discarded as it would require too much work trying to fit walls and windows.

Then I tried a few more times and decided to go all out and alter its use completely, so a 1:6 scale bed seemed a great idea.:)

Using the same construction techniques for making the model, I fitted the short and long interlocking pieces together to create two sections that would form the base of the bed.

I then used the roof pieces as headboards and secured them to the base pieces with hot glue.

Then I secured the base pieces together to form the bed mainframe


For the mattress and baseboard I had to get creative so I used an old board game and cut the board to size and covered it with fabric as the baseboard, then I stuck down a large piece of cut'n'dry foam cut to size, as the mattress and covered it with the sea-green fabric as shown in the picture. I then hand-stitched  matching pillows and a bedspread:)

I really like how it turned out :-) though I must say my son wasn't very pleased! as he wanted to build a house with it, so after some convincing about the "superb indestructible" qualities of  Lego and how it is a "much superior" building material for houses!!!!! haha, everyone's happy. :)

Rose and Lily (Yosd- sized bjds) couldn't wait to try out the bed :-D
I also used 4 of the left-over pieces to make a side table ...:-) 


  1. Hi! When I was a child, we used to play with these Jukka-pieces. My friend had these ... It was fun!
    Your project and result looks great!

    1. :-D
      Hi Kikka,
      Thanks for your lovely comment! it was such a great find, It would be lovely if they made bigger houses too;)