Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Plastic play... 1/6 scale furniture

I have been playing with plastic styrene for a long time and you would think I would have finally figured out how to manipulate it properly... :) 
I have all my tools or so I thought.
I was on YouTube watching an instructional video on how to stick different types of plastics when I realized what I had been doing wrong! I didn't have a syringe! I had been using a brush!

Being self taught, meant I researched a product, bought what i needed and followed the instructions on the bottle! isn't that what you are meant to do? haha, anyway back to the project at hand...


I have always made most of my furniture in 1/12 scale, but I decided to try making a cabinet to fit some re-ment stuff in my bakery, which is in 1/6 scale I used 3 a4 sheets of plastic styrene and several off-cuts as i wanted to have miss-matched shelves. The unit is the size of an a4 sheet!

From the pictures you can see where I spilled the adhesive :(, I will be buying a syringe for next time :D 

The pictures below show my 1/6 scale doll in front of the unit and some re-ment pieces on the shelves

The shelves have been placed in the bakery 
I haven't finalized the arrangement, but it goes nicely with the "American diner" style bar I made :)

I also made a cake display from a business card holder and some cross stitch pattern grids :) and the drinks display case on the bar... xx 


I find it much easier building 1/12 scale


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