Sunday, 31 March 2013

Blogging ?

Hmmm.... I have been blogging about miniatures, etc and my love for them, for a while now, sometimes I have been consistent with posts but more often than not, ...there have been wide and vast gaps between posts.

Recently, I had been pondering why I seem to have fallen out of love with blogging ...not just posting pictures, but photo stories and indepth posts, then I realized that it was because sometime last year there was a time when blogging  felt like another job as opposed to a fun activity which I enjoyed!
and why was that?
What had happened?
When did talking about something I enjoy become so tedious? Was I depressed.... Surely not! Maybe a bit tired.

Taking pictures and just talking about my interests should be easy, right?
but because I forgot the reason why I started this blog and got sidetracked by all the extra stuff around... I stopped enjoying it all and the fun got taken out of it :-(

However, today I made a decision to relax and enjoy my hobby and share. It has always been therapeutic, a form of escape and an expression of creativity, and a chance to use up all my crafty stash:-D

It is meant to be fun:-) ..


  1. I'm with you. We are in a slump. We need something new to stimulate us. What happened to Mitchy moo! The contests are not enough. Lots of repetition.

    When this happens to me I go visit my antiques. xoxo CM