Saturday, 25 August 2012

Playing around with an idea

I have got to find a fun way of displaying all the miniature food I have :-)
I am thinking of building a restaurant or cafe for them :-) in the meantime I am using the mayfair basement to test layouts...
Here's one

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Updates to the office :-)

I have been making new furniture recently after a long period of bleurgh.... perhaps better explained as feeling blue or maybe feeling a lack of creativity....  umm oh I don't know .... long story short...Life has been busy and I haven't blogged properly for ages. :-(

Well I decided to sort out my re-ment collections as my old catalogue system was out of date, due to so many cute new additions :-D I started on a couple of cases and was completely stumped at how disorganised I'd become :) I still need to sort out the cabinet and the ones in the dolls house ..ouch!

After the mess I made....see pic;-) apologies for the upside down pic

I decided to take a break and place some of the new handmade furniture in 'my office' in the waterside way house :-D

The desk on the left, the lamp on the desk and the Mac and tiny mouse are the bits I made and placed here :)