Saturday, 31 July 2010

re-ment sweets and cakes

These re-ment sweets as so delicious I decided to make a sweet and cake shop just to house them... this way I enjoy candy without the worrying ;-)

re-ment from the elegant sweets series, and the megahouse cake de cafe series and some homemade and bought cakes.

the pick and mix perspex display was made by me :-) it reminded me of woolworths and their pic 'n' mix

Saturday, 3 July 2010

dreaming of an office!

I always enjoy making office scenes, maybe its something to do with how I always seemed to visit the student office during my days in Uni, and how I spent most of my time in the faculty offices as a lecturer. There were always different scenes being played out, and every now and again, I find myself smiling at some distant, but interesting memory.
In one of the campuses, there was a computer lab that had an L-shaped research area. It was next to the printer area, and it always seemed to be empty, I remember wondering why the students never took advantage of this facility.
A couple of weeks ago, I went to my local library to use a reference book, and there was no where to sit, and suddenly I remembered this seating area and wondered if it was still empty….as I could definitely use a seat, right about now :-)
So, as you do, I went home and made a scene :-)
I used the ground floor of the waterside way house which was an art gallery! Only a few weeks ago, one of the things I love about this hobby, is that it allows me to indulge myself by being able to change the layout of a room whenever I want, no heavy lifting involved:-), I have tried doing it in my real home but its not fun to have to undo all your lovely work when everyone else keeps bumping into a sofa which was not there in the morning! Or tripping over the coffee table which you moved to make the room look nicer…..not everyone likes change :-)
Ok, I’m rambling….
I have made an office and reception area, with a number of different ideas and real inspirations put together, I have made some of the furniture and accessories myself and I am really enjoying experimenting with things. For those of us that love re-ment! Pls pls let me apologise in advance for what I have done :-)
I have a large cookie jar from the re-ment fun meals or mini-sweets set, that was too big for my 1/12th kitchen and I decided to use it to make a water-cooler for the reception area of the office. I used 2 wooden crates and covered them in adhesive foil and made a hole in the top for the cookie jar’s cover, I then attached a jewellery finding to it, to make the spout, and for the water….the cookie jar is still intact :-)
I also made the counter/desk for the reception area, the drawing table, the black and white shelving units next to it, and I also made the L-shaped table/desk for my design/research area! (From acrylic and IKEA coat hangers!) And I also made the desk that has the printer and fax machine on it.
I used foam-board to make the room divider. This gave me a chance to use the re-ment stationery sets, they are just adorable!

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