Monday, 14 June 2010

trying out an idea :)

I bought some coloured card and decided to make my own wall coverings for the nursery in Honeysuckle cottage :-)
and the first picture shows all the little strips I cut from the different coloured cards and the second picture shows my wallpaper collage/covering :-)


  1. Ooo, I love the wall paper effect. Great idea! I love the back wall and how went horizontal and vertical. Very cool!

  2. Thank you :-D
    its so great when an idea comes together... with a lot of cutting and redoing and sticking heehee!

  3. I couldn't see the pictures here earlier, but now that I can see them at last, I think the stripes are gorgeous, especially the horisontal back wall! Cool idea!

  4. silly me! I had uploaded them from picassa and forgot to confirm the url,:-0

    thank you so much, I like the back wall too:)