Tuesday, 25 May 2010

my art gallery

Hee hee, this is wonderful as I can look at beautiful art without leaving home, ok :-) I decided to create an art gallery/museum in my waterside way house as I imagined the owners wil be creative types who love to be surrounded by beautiful works of art! I really enjoyed doing this. The long display table was the most fun as It is made out of "Jenga" blocks which my boys got tired of playing with! and i covered them with masking tape to create the L-shaped display for the objects on display:-)


  1. so original your gallery!! I like so much!! greetings

  2. ha, that's funny. yesterday I picked so many nice posters of the internet and planned to print it for a room with many of them.
    and here I see such a room. I like the gallery idea very much. so nice to view large and ----- enjoy the art!
    nice we have you back, missed you.

  3. Thank you Paky :-) I had so much fun making it!

  4. Hi Oese,
    Thank you so much! I have missed you too :-)
    Its been so busy!
    I would love to see what you do with your poster print-outs xx