Saturday, 27 March 2010

open plan lundby space :-)

I have always loved watching property makeover programmes and I especially like 'grand designs', there was an episode where the couple building a house wanted an open plan ground floor and it was lovely so I decided to use my basement in my 12th scale house and create an open plan apartment using my lundby furniture :-)
I put in a small white partition wall to section off the bathroom! from the kitchen and the rest is open

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  1. Nice! I love the kitchen and the white and yellow shelves, do you know what brand they are? I don't think I have seen them before.

  2. Great idea and well planned out. I might try my hand at that also. Fun, Fun, Fun...

  3. Thank you Pubdoll, sorry for the late reply! it has been a chaotic week! :-)
    I'm not so sure what brand they are, I got them on ebay and they were advertised as sindy furniture but where too small when they arrived, they could be flairline?
    Have a lovely easter weekend x

  4. Thanks Amy, I can never keep still I'm always changing stuff it is fun too:-)