Tuesday, 16 February 2010

my busy re-ment shop

perfect to display most of my re-ment :-)
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  1. Holy crow, Natalie!!! That's a lot of Re-ment!! Do you have any favorites?

  2. thanks Callsmall ;-)
    I absolutely adore the favorite stationery sets, the megahouse cheers everyone and import food series, the household goods , electrical appliances and the....haha! ok now i'm rambling I am addicted heehee! but my all time favorite is the department store series! I have been trying to buy it for a while, but its so expensive on ebay now ouch :-)

  3. I'm speechless again. How could one have so many tiny items? The idea is great to make a shop.

  4. I LOVE the stationery sets too -- I am trying to collect them all, but they are pricey :) Thanks for sharing your love of Re-ment!

  5. :-) Oese, thank you.
    I couldn't resist, they are so cute. I couldn't fit them all in the house.
    I confess I am addicted to re-ment haha!

  6. Callsmall, Thank you :-)
    I must admit it was one of your pictures on flickr that got me interested in the stationery set and they are so realistic and cute. I would love to get the full set too :-)