Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow day!

Today was a snow day, which really means due to the severe weather conditions most schools are shut and driving is considered hazardous! and everything grinds to a halt :\

hmmm! what a perfect day to continue working on my newest project!

I used today to finish the painting of the house yeah! well, apart from the spindles, stairs, door frames, window frames....... and um! OK a few bits and pieces but the main painting is done (in white) which means I am getting much closer to decorating and furnishing! yippee! so so exciting :-)
I recently saw a lovely modern art deco house in a village near where I live and I decided my house would be white with black finishing too! as soon as that is done I will remove the backing paper from the acetate windows... I can hardly wait!


  1. wow, your dollhouse is fantastic, your proyect looks like very interesting... regards

  2. I love multi story houses. What kind of house will it be? Thank you, Happy New Year! CM

  3. Thank you Paky for your nice comments :-)

  4. Happy new year CM, Thank you :-)
    The house is the 123 waterside way house from the dolls house emporium, its designed as an apartment block of 3 flats, but I will be doing mine as a house with a very modern contemporary style inside, and an Art Deco look on the outside, I hope it looks Ok in the end :-)

  5. I look forward to seeing the completed house - very interesting, what you plan to make with it.
    Have fun! Have a lot of snow!

  6. Thank you Oese :-) its still snowing and very cold! I am enjoying staying indoors and working on the house!