Sunday, 24 January 2010 attempts at it :-)

Recently I have become more confident to try making things myself, well mainly because I have had to cut down on my budget as I was getting carried away with my spending :(
In an effort to be a bit more sensible (lol!) I decided to build a sideboard (with opening doors) and a bed, and here they are :-)

I bought 2 sheets of white acrylic/acetate and got the seller to cut one sheet into equal squares, and the other sheet into 3 strips. I then made the sideboard.

On one of my previous trips to Ikea, (I love Ikea) I picked up 4 wooden soapdishes as I felt they would come in handy someday, as you do! and I used 3 of them to make the base for my new modern bed. I then made a mattress and used a stripy fabric to make a cover for it, with a matching pillow :-)

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  1. Hi Natalie, Thanks for inspiring me to be more creative and cost effective. You have done very nice work. I too started with one Lundby Doll House Xmas of 2008. I now have five Lundby houses and one other house. It's the best bad habit that I can imagine. I'll check back often to see what you are doing. THX!

  2. Hi
    Thank you so muck for your kind words! I am honoured! I totally agree I am addicted, and its a rewarding habit too, isn't it
    I'll check out your blog I love the Lundby houses :-)