Sunday, 10 January 2010

I am so excited I have finished the second floor of my house ;-)

Wouldn't it be lovely to redesign a real house in an evening just the way you wanted without the hassle of builders, painters, workmen trampling everywhere.....hmmmm

Over the past year I have collected quite a bit of modern miniatures such as re-ment, reac, dolls house emporium miniatures, and lots of eBay finds! I have always had in mind a dream house to put them all in.
Yesterday I decided to decorate and furnish one of the floors of my new house (123 waterside way house) with most of the items that have been very special to me!

The art/pictures on the walls are my design, and the clock is my take on a classic designer clock!
The fish tank is my creation too, haven't been able to make the fish yet lol! I am really enjoying this :-)
The accessories are re-ment, furniture reac and dolls house emporium. The bar/table is a junk shop find not sure what it is originally meant to be but I adapted it!

The nintendo wii, games/console/wii fit are Yujin gashapon!

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  1. Looks fantastic, Natalie! Great job!! It must feel great to put all your minis to good use - lovely scenes!

  2. You can really be proud. I love the black colour-sheme and I love the way you built the balcony. I will steel this idea for my lighthouse-balcony around the light.
    The green chair and wooden coffeetable in all this black and white looks really great. I will add it to my favourites, when you show it on flickr:-)
    Your artwork is nice too, I remebered we made pictures in this style at school.
    Thank you for sharing

  3. Very nicely decorated Natalie, I love your artwork on the walls! Your house inspired me, I dreamt about it last night :-)

  4. I think it WOULD be wonderful if I could change my real house as often s I do my dollhouses! Indulging in whims! It's cheaper to do it 1/12 scale though. Thanks C

  5. Can I move in? I'm so impressed with how fast you built 123 Waterside Way, and now have it move in ready! Gorgeous! Where did you get the 2 cute clear suitcases in front of the white room divider/book shelf? And I LOVE that hanging light fixture, did you make that chandelier?

  6. Hi Callsmall :-) thank you, yes it feels great! especially filling all the cupboards with stuff, just like in my real cupboards ;-) don't you just love re-ment! its fab!

  7. Thank you Oese :-)
    I can't wait to see your lighthouse! I really like the green chair its so delicate :)

  8. Hi Pubdoll ;-) wow! thanks! that is a most amazing compliment! thank you,
    I must admit I have dreamt of your handsome stranger ;-) lol!

  9. Hi C, thank you :-)
    at least in 1:12 scale its much easier! and allows me to express my dreams lol!
    I love it

  10. Hi Mini Dork :-)
    sorry its taken so long to answer your question, I have been down with the flu! :-(

    thank you so much for your nice comments! i wish i could move in too lol! the clear suitcases are Bratz dolls accessories, and the light fittings are from Hickleton Interiors, I couldn't make anything as pretty as that lol! and thanks again for the "hob link" its arrived and its lovely x