Friday, 4 December 2009

phase 2

picture shows the bathroom on top of the living room

Not long ago I started building a dolls house and got as far as making 2 boxes/rooms :-) the first one I had completed as a living room, and talked about it in a previous blog called first time for everything

I have done the 2nd room as a bathroom :-)


  1. I love this room! Everything here works so well together; the wall colour, the tiles, the photo on the wall, the shelves and the new sink! Your new sink is gorgeous and so are the tiny tiles over the sink and bath tub! How have you managed to make them look so real? Love the shelves and the windows as well. In short - I love the whole room! :-)

  2. Thank you so much Pubdoll:-)
    such lovely comments :-)
    The shelves are from a childrens dolls furniture set which I took apart and reaaranged, the sink was made by the talented pinchofpepper!
    the tiles over the sink and bathtub are colour printouts lol! I tried using tiny cutouts to do the tiling, but I gave up ;-)
    I'm so glad you like it x

  3. I love this bathroom. The sink is gorgeous. I'm curious about your bathtub... did it originally have gold/brass fixtures or did it come with the silver/chrome? The set I have from DHE has ugly gold faucets that I plan to paint, but if you painted yours I'm curious what you used. I had someone suggest silver nail polish to get a nice chrome look, but I'm afraid to mess up the tub. Any advice? Also, I love the tile floor, where did you find it?
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Hi Mini Dork
    Thanks for your lovely comments.
    The DHE bathtub came with the silver taps, although I have a kitchen sink I got off ebay, which came with gold taps and I used a silver spray paint on them to get the chrome look :-) and loads of masking tape too:-)
    The floor is actually a 'floor sample' from a Carpet shop, I always go into the shop to ask for sample books ;-) the ones with cushioned bottom work best as you don't have to stick it down x

  5. Thanks Nicole!

    How old is your DHE bathtub? I bought mine about 2 years ago, that looks like it's still for sale here:

    I was actually hoping to buy your version (which I've seen on other blogs as well) but I haven't seen that one on DHE's website. But I'm in the US, so maybe its one that they don't ship here.

    Thanks again for the info. :)

  6. Hi Mini Dork :)
    Happy new year!
    I got mine a couple of months ago, and yes you are right I went on the DHE site and mine is no longer on sale :(
    you may find it on "an auction site" maybe :)
    hope you find it x