Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year! New Ideas! :-)

I have always dreamed of having a modern kitchen or making one, but due to my limited DIY skills I never tried :(
A couple of days ago I decided to give it another go as I really like my Miele appliances but I never seem to find any kitchen units that are similar in height to them. I bought 2 sheets of 5mm black acrylic/acetate, and set about asking hubby to cut an L-shape for a counter top/work surface. I had grand ideas about making individual opening doors for each unit, well this is the finished product :-)
what do you think?

The appliances are Miele's mini world, accessories are re-ment, the vases are beads :-)

(did you spot that there is no sink ;-) ..) still trying to figure out how to make one haha!

This has been a lovely year, I got to know so much about miniatures, become addicted to re-ment and tried my hands at DIY. I also got to know a whole new world of miniatures and so many lovely people with a shared interest! its been lovely!
Happy New year! and Thank you xx
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  1. I love, love, love your new kitchen, it looks almost like an ELF kitchen! Very nice idea and so well executed!
    You have definitely been one of these lovely people yourself, and I'm glad to have "met" you!

    Happy New Year to you and your helpful hubby!

  2. Hi Pubdoll,
    Thank you so much :-) That is an amazing compliment! elf kitchens are divine!

    You have been so encouraging and a lovely inspiration to me, and I am so glad to have 'met' you too!

    All the very best in 2010!

  3. Oh my! Cool! If you have the Miele sink component, maybe you could wrap it in the black acrylic and make it an island? shrug. Either way, looks good.

  4. Good job, Natalie! Well done! I like that you took a creative leap and it works. Hope you (and your hubby) had fun :) Happy New Year!

  5. Hi Natalie!
    The best wishes for 2010 from me too! I like your kitchen, I think we all can see your skills and ideas growing in the last months and that's a great fun. Go on!
    I think that all the re-ment stuff looks so good in this scene...

  6. wow! thanks Modern MC, such a lovely compliment.
    I don't have the sink component yet, I am still on a lookout for it :-) but thats a brilliant idea, I will try to use something similar, thank you!

  7. Hi Callsmall,
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and thank you so much.

  8. Hi Oese
    Thank you! your lovely scenes, photography and taste in miniatures has been an inspiration to me too!

  9. Your kitchen looks brilliant! I wish I could do something like that as I've been looking at Elf kitchens but don't have enough money yet. I need a small kitchen to fit into a corner of Ocean Drive :0)
    Kathryn x

  10. Thank you so much Kayjay :-)
    The elf kitchens are divine, aren't they :)

    I like the Ocean Drive house, I love the layout and design

  11. Yes I love it, but there is a design flaw in that there is nowhere to put the bathroom, and I'm not sure what to do about that! Can't have my dolly Bong crossing her legs indefinitely ;-)

  12. Natalie,
    In case you are looking for a stove top check out the half price sale at The Dollshouse Mall
    Half way down the "Kitchen" page "Hob Electric. Price: £1.75"

    I just bought one for a kitchen I am refinishing. I love it. I found this website through pinch of pepper.

    Kitchen looks great!!

  13. Hi Mini Dork,
    Thank you so much! I don't have a hob for this kitchen, wasn't sure how to make one! :-)
    I was going to use stickers or something :-)
    Thanks for the link, thats so nice!
    I followed it, and I have bought one too!
    I can't wait for it to get here! thanks again x

  14. Hi Kayjay,
    you're right! that wouldn't be good for Bong.

    DHE also do a self contained bathroom, which you could put in the right hand corner of the house on the ground floor?! maybe? what do you think

    here is a link to it on their website,

    you may be able to find it on a well known auction site ;-) ;-) I just got one there at a much cheaper price

  15. Love your kitchen Natalie!!! Your dollhouse in a modern stile is so lovely!!! I love it!!

  16. Thank you Meli, I have always wanted to do something like this :-)