Friday, 18 December 2009

New project - Merry Christmas :-)

1, 2, 3 Waterside Way House from Dolls house emporium

Christmas is here! and I thought I'd start a new project!

I had bought a house from DHE some months ago and talked about it in a previous post. I had planned to build it soon, but after unpacking it I was a bit nervous so I packed it up and decided to build it after I move house! having waited for a couple of months and the house move now on hold I brought out the box and had a go at building it.
A couple of days later, and a few hair-pulling moments! I have put the house together apart from the railings on the balconies!
Fixing the spiral staircase has got to be the most tricky of all :-)
In this hobby you get inspired by so many great people and you develop so many new skills! if someone had asked me about DIY or if I was handy with tools? a year ago, I would have fallen down laughing! but here I am with a drill in my hands drilling a 1.5mm hole in the door of this house! how cool is that! ;-)

The lovely thing is, amidst all the rush of Christmas, knowing I could come home and finish putting together this house has been very calming for me, I walk in and immediately get stuck into gluing, drilling, hitting! .... brilliant :-)

As I put the finishing touches I'll post more pictures :-)


  1. How wonderful! Enjoy the discovery of new skills and the great journey of building your dolls house. Merry Christmas!

  2. Somehow I have missed this post earlier!
    Great work so far, Natalie, I also have found miniatures calming these busy days before Christmas. I know I have already said it on flickr, but Merry Christmas Natalie!

  3. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing the finished project.

  4. oh Natalie, that's great! Good on you!

  5. Natalie the house is lovely!!! Looking forward to seeing your advances!!!
    All the best for the comming year!

  6. wow - congrats to your new projekt!! the biginning looks very promising and i´m looking forward for more picture.

    i hope you had a wonderful christmas time and i wish you a wonderful 2010!!


  7. Thank you Josje :-)
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas! x

  8. Hi Pubdoll ;-)
    Thank you! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too! Your purple tree on flickr ;-) inspired me to do something different so I got a white tree! so thank you for the inspiration!

  9. Thank you Mini Dork :-)
    I have finished putting on the railings on the balcony now and I am getting ready to spray paint the house! hope it turns out ok!

  10. Hi Oese
    Thank you!
    hope you had a lovely Christmas too x

  11. Thank you Meli and all the best to you too :-)

  12. Hi Nicola
    Thank you so much :-)
    Hope you had a good Christmas too and wishing you a happy new year!