Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year! New Ideas! :-)

I have always dreamed of having a modern kitchen or making one, but due to my limited DIY skills I never tried :(
A couple of days ago I decided to give it another go as I really like my Miele appliances but I never seem to find any kitchen units that are similar in height to them. I bought 2 sheets of 5mm black acrylic/acetate, and set about asking hubby to cut an L-shape for a counter top/work surface. I had grand ideas about making individual opening doors for each unit, well this is the finished product :-)
what do you think?

The appliances are Miele's mini world, accessories are re-ment, the vases are beads :-)

(did you spot that there is no sink ;-) ..) still trying to figure out how to make one haha!

This has been a lovely year, I got to know so much about miniatures, become addicted to re-ment and tried my hands at DIY. I also got to know a whole new world of miniatures and so many lovely people with a shared interest! its been lovely!
Happy New year! and Thank you xx
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Friday, 18 December 2009

New project - Merry Christmas :-)

1, 2, 3 Waterside Way House from Dolls house emporium

Christmas is here! and I thought I'd start a new project!

I had bought a house from DHE some months ago and talked about it in a previous post. I had planned to build it soon, but after unpacking it I was a bit nervous so I packed it up and decided to build it after I move house! having waited for a couple of months and the house move now on hold I brought out the box and had a go at building it.
A couple of days later, and a few hair-pulling moments! I have put the house together apart from the railings on the balconies!
Fixing the spiral staircase has got to be the most tricky of all :-)
In this hobby you get inspired by so many great people and you develop so many new skills! if someone had asked me about DIY or if I was handy with tools? a year ago, I would have fallen down laughing! but here I am with a drill in my hands drilling a 1.5mm hole in the door of this house! how cool is that! ;-)

The lovely thing is, amidst all the rush of Christmas, knowing I could come home and finish putting together this house has been very calming for me, I walk in and immediately get stuck into gluing, drilling, hitting! .... brilliant :-)

As I put the finishing touches I'll post more pictures :-)

Friday, 4 December 2009

bathroom :-)

bathroom :-)
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a modern bathroom showcasing my lovely sink/vanity from pinchofpepper :-D

phase 2

picture shows the bathroom on top of the living room

Not long ago I started building a dolls house and got as far as making 2 boxes/rooms :-) the first one I had completed as a living room, and talked about it in a previous blog called first time for everything

I have done the 2nd room as a bathroom :-)