Saturday, 14 November 2009

a small mini production :)

My 2 boys are crazy about Lego, a couple of months ago we were looking at pictures of racing cars (their other passion), that had been built using Lego and we came across Pubdolls Lego house. They were amazed that it was Lego.

Inspired by Pubdoll they started building houses in Lego, and encouraged by Mini Dork , I am posting pictures of a Lego house made by my 7 year old. He loved looking at pictures of Pubdolls Lego houses and decided to build a "tiny mini dolls house" (his words) he has made a balcony on the back too :-) which is his own version of her houses' balcony, that he liked ;-)

He wanted to make a bigger house but ran out of white bricks so he made it smaller :-)

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  1. How cool that I was a inspiration for your sons! You really made my day :-)
    This little house is great! I love the colours and the design, especially the balcony!

  2. my boys will be ecstatic such a lovely compliment from you :-) thank you.

    He was especially proud of the balcony and I had to convince him not to put Darth Vader and luke skywalker having a battle on the balcony ;-)