Monday, 9 November 2009


I bought this dining set for my lundby kitchen, but it seems a bit big, was advertised as lundby but I'm not certain who the maker is I love its rich wood and white colours and the contoured shape of the chairs.


  1. yes, it looks a bit "heavy" but it´s cute and i think it´s fine for your lundby kitchen!


  2. I like the chairs and table, but I absolutely love your kitchen! I have never seen this kitchen before, very stylish, and the orange colour is just perfect for the room!

  3. Thanks Nicola :-)
    I liked it the moment I saw it, as it looked so unusual!

  4. Hi Pubdoll ;-)
    Thank you, I am so glad you like it!
    I saw the kitchen listed as a vintage Sindy kitchen and bought it for my re-ment collection, but when it came it was much too small for playscale or 1:12, so I tried it in my lundby house and it fit :-)
    I had such fun trying to find accessories to fit in the little top cupboards. I wonder who its made by as there are no markings on it...

  5. I think the chairs and table look great! Especially with the white seats and tabletop, it really fits with the kitchen units. Those orange and white kitchen units are great! and I love the little rounded shelves on the end. I also love how you're hung a rug on the wall!

  6. :-) Rebecca, thank you for your lovely comments.
    I really like the colours of the rug and thought it'd make a nice wall hanging ;-)