Sunday, 18 October 2009

new layout

With winter on its way, Dinah decided to do some dusting and cleaning, and she wanted to change the look of her sitting room...out with the old... in with the new... well she hadn't really bought anything new, but she had found a matching pine shelving unit that went beautifully with the rest of her furnishings! and it was the perfect reason to do some rearranging :)

"It looks better" she thought "having all the shelving and cabinets forming a semi-circle!" and what better way to introduce some more colour to the room than with her new "ikea" rug! and some more flowers :-)

She also put up wallpaper, as she preferred to have all the walls the same! makes a change from how her sitting room looked before !
It had more feminine colours click to see the former sitting room picture
Yes Dinah did what i would have loved to do she changed the layout of her house by moving her sitting room to her dining room, and placing a guest room where her sitting room used to be :-)


  1. I adore it! It looks great, looks real. So cosy.

  2. Victoria :-)
    Thank you for your such nice comments, I just need to put some more pictures on the walls and its done!

  3. Is lovely!!! I like the cozy colors that you have used for this room and also like the furniture.

  4. Thank you so much Meli :-)
    I'm glad you like it