Sunday, 18 October 2009

Dinah is having a dinner party! with her friends :)

She forgot to let them know she had quit drinking! but as is customary everyone brought a bottle! Well that's how its done isn't it!
If you are off to a social occasion/dinner party or a grown-ups birthday party, you don't take a present unless you are good friends and you know exactly what your friend would like, I could consider a lovely miniature flower arrangement a good gift, or perhaps a very cute re-ment panda! or even a coveted piece of furniture from a top miniaturist! and my "friend" could absolutely dislike it! or find it very amusing! instead its so much easier to "bring a bottle" sorry I'm rambling now!

All her friends brought a bottle and Dinah has ended up with a crate of wine and she's not sure what to do
Tell her friends she has quit drinking! and end up being a "spoil sport"? or go with the flow and say nothing!

(a made up story to go with the scene)

I have used re-ment from the tea time tableware series, dinner is ready?, Kawaii kitchen, fun meals, and beauty storage collections!
Most of the furniture is from the dolls house emporium Posted by Picasa


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  2. This is such a cute set up. I especially like all the little details on the shelves. Funny story too, I'd love to get mini furniture for a hostess gift. I'm pretty sure all of my friends think I have lost it with this mini business. : )

  3. Thank you so much petitenouveau :-)

    I'm so glad you like it...

    so would I :-)

    I just bought my first reac chair, and I'm waiting for it to be delivered! I have already taken pictures of it on my phone from the listing, and can't stop showing everyone how small and detailed it is, ...its so cute ;-)

  4. How fun! Which one did you get? My first one was the lime green desk chair. I put it on our living room bookshelf like it was solid gold. :-P

  5. I'm so excited ;-)
    I got the double seat Le Corbusier black sofa!
    I keep looking at the picture, I can hardly wait:-D

  6. I like the story, so true! I often bring flowers instead of wine as I'm allergic to red wine. Or soap! (My mother sells soaps made by nuns from a convent, and she brings us more than we ever will manage to use)

    Love all your re-ment stuff! Re-ment is really addictive isn't it?

  7. Thank you, Pubdoll, I would love to get flowers its more personal ;-)

    yes! re-ment is so addictive, I started with one set and now its so crazy how many I've got, they are so so cute :)