Monday, 26 October 2009

Chilled! introducing le corbusier! de sofa :-)

I wanted to use my new sofa in a scene and I had 2 kitchen stools that had the same chrome effect! so I put them together! I really like the cute yellow telephone, which is a vintage Lundby/Caroline's home phone.

I have used a mixture of furniture from different scales!

the cute pink and red bag is bratz,
the accessories are re-ment, handmade, and eBay finds :-)
The shelving unit is streets ahead!

Friday, 23 October 2009

making a bold "colour" statement

Inspired by a "pack of tissues" ;-)

I bought a cute pack of pocket tissues from Ikea, and as i took one out of the pack, it looked too cute to use, with lovely bold coloured stripes so I thought hmmm what if it could be used for something else, where its beauty can be admired,
... and here it is, what do you think? :-)

I used it as a rug :-) , its a small rug folded in the first picture, then I opened it out for a carpet effect!
I love the colours!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Its arrived!

Parcels arrive......

crazy woman tears off wrapping/packaging! ignoring pretty stamps :-)

excitement mounts at spotting miniature design collection box!
box opened!
and it reveals "Le Corbusier" double sofa/chair! Yes! (screaming with glee, and hands raised in the air, temporary craziness and excitement) it is everything I hoped it would be

gently bring out "the masterpiece" and gaze at it intently! while plotting all the different ways it can be used....hmmmmm!
quickly pack it up! :-)

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Dinah is having a dinner party! with her friends :)

She forgot to let them know she had quit drinking! but as is customary everyone brought a bottle! Well that's how its done isn't it!
If you are off to a social occasion/dinner party or a grown-ups birthday party, you don't take a present unless you are good friends and you know exactly what your friend would like, I could consider a lovely miniature flower arrangement a good gift, or perhaps a very cute re-ment panda! or even a coveted piece of furniture from a top miniaturist! and my "friend" could absolutely dislike it! or find it very amusing! instead its so much easier to "bring a bottle" sorry I'm rambling now!

All her friends brought a bottle and Dinah has ended up with a crate of wine and she's not sure what to do
Tell her friends she has quit drinking! and end up being a "spoil sport"? or go with the flow and say nothing!

(a made up story to go with the scene)

I have used re-ment from the tea time tableware series, dinner is ready?, Kawaii kitchen, fun meals, and beauty storage collections!
Most of the furniture is from the dolls house emporium Posted by Picasa

new layout

With winter on its way, Dinah decided to do some dusting and cleaning, and she wanted to change the look of her sitting room...out with the old... in with the new... well she hadn't really bought anything new, but she had found a matching pine shelving unit that went beautifully with the rest of her furnishings! and it was the perfect reason to do some rearranging :)

"It looks better" she thought "having all the shelving and cabinets forming a semi-circle!" and what better way to introduce some more colour to the room than with her new "ikea" rug! and some more flowers :-)

She also put up wallpaper, as she preferred to have all the walls the same! makes a change from how her sitting room looked before !
It had more feminine colours click to see the former sitting room picture
Yes Dinah did what i would have loved to do she changed the layout of her house by moving her sitting room to her dining room, and placing a guest room where her sitting room used to be :-)

Saturday, 17 October 2009

A busy day! A dream! A room!

Its Saturday evening, and all day I have been so busy running after everyone else and I needed to put my feet up and have a cup of tea, and no matter how hard I tried something always came up!


I bought a set of white wire furniture a couple of months ago, to use for a garden scene, and didn't get round to it. Since I don't have a conservatory or a garden for my dolls, I wasn't sure how I was going to use them.

I finally gave up and decided to sell them, so I brought them out of "my box of stuff" yesterday, to take pictures of them. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle today, I'd forgotten about them, then this evening while I was rushing around I had a lovely thought!

Wouldn't it be nice to go on holiday for a few days, just to get refreshed....well since I can't do that now :-) I decided to create a scene to reflect, the type of place I'd like to go to.

I would love somewhere homely, yet quiet!

With my eyes closed I could see it......pretty, feminine.......To be able to walk into the reception area and for it to feel cosy, almost like someone else's house and not a hotel ....mmmmmm

The lovely fragrance of the numerous flowers would fill the air!...and the scent of freshly brewed coffeee mmmmm or maybe tea :) and cookies haha! cool

I remembered the white wire furniture and decided to use it, and here's the result. I think the white wire furniture works beautifully :-) who would have thought!

The red and white tulips are a gift from my sister and the vases they are in are made by me from stuff around the house :)
a love seat?!

a cosy dining area set up for 2 :)

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Hallway - experimenting?!

Some weeks ago on an earlier post I talked about how I was confused about how to best use the hallways in my "Mayfair mansion", then 2 days ago, I had this crazy idea!

what if I laid down new flooring and put in a new kitchen to make the hallway a kitchen area, a bit cramped, but I like it :)

needs some accessories on the shelf on the side

Still a work in progress!
The kitchen is from the dolls house emporium, the accessories are re-ment, and ebay finds. The wooden panelling behind the kitchen are soap dishes :)

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Preparing Dinner for friends!

Lily is expecting her friends over for dinner!
Phew! she has finally got her place ready and she has had a tiring day as she had to make 4 different dinners as her friends all like different things!
At least everyone likes salad, she hopes, and "smiles to herself" as she has made a large plate of salad :)

artwork and oriental style cushions made by me :), accessories are re-ment, eBay finds, dolls house emporium, hickleton interiors..

Monday, 5 October 2009

mixture of styles !

A fusion of styles bratz meets the orient :)

The large mirrored dressing table is bratz, I love its zebra pattern:)

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Can you have too many?


I watch Marie and Lily argue in the bathroom! and its over bathroom accessories...can a girl have too many accessories? the answer is yes and no! Lily says! you can never have enough medicines and first aid stuff! well, she is not one for make-up:) and Marie feels there is no more space in the bathroom and she does not want another cabinet!
Can you help? please

Play room?

I always wondered what to do with the hallways in my Mayfair mansion and I was torn between having it as a hallway with the stairs and a few accessories, or removing the stairs and using it as a room. I have compromised and created a play room/area on the top floor. I don't have any child dolls for the scene :)

I have used re-ment from the beauty storage furniture collection, and the daily household living collections, and the coloring books and pens are an eBay find!