Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Re-ment goodies! and Ikea :)

I had some ikea furniture, and I had tried spray painting some of them, and I couldn't get a nice even finish, so I decided not to spray paint the sofa set, better safe than sorry:)

This is a lounge area next to my re-ment kitchen, I used the blue ikea sofa set and re-ment from the beauty storage set.

On the shelves in the background are re-ment from the Is Dinner ready? Mum, Fun Meals and Kawaii kitchen Sets!

The rug and orange cushions on the sofas are also ikea! the pink cushions were bought, as my attempt at handmaking cushions, resulted in a mess :)

The carton of milk, the glass and cups are re-ment


  1. Natalie, I read about ikea furniture a few times, but I have never seen them in any shop or in a big ikea. can you help me once again?

  2. Hi Oese :)
    Ikea have stopped making their doll furniture, so they are no more in the shops, but you can sometimes find them on ebay.

    I'vw had a look, and there are some on ebay now, I will add some links---

    This is for 2 sets on now on ebay, I hope the links work
    Let me know how you get on :)