Friday, 28 August 2009

Re-ment Tea sets/ Tableware collection

Re-ment Tea sets
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Puchi petite Tableware collection.

I bought 2 sets from this collection,
#10 Old Fashion tableware and #13 Clear apple set!
I was going to buy the full boxed set of 13, but I haven't found one in a sealed box, yet :)

I placed them on a dolls house emporium shelf, I really like the glasses on the 4th shelf, they have a picture of bambi and thumper from disney?! and come in 6 beautiful colours!
The clear apple set is my favourite in the collection, too cute!


  1. I love these sets too, but I guess they're too big for the Lundby scale?

  2. Thanks Pubdoll :-)
    They are cute!
    Yes, the apple set is too big! :-(, but the red and white ones from the #10 Old Fashion tableware set on the 3rd shelf can work in lundby scale.