Thursday, 27 August 2009

Re-ment Megahouse Pop'N Kitchen

A day in the life of a re-ment addict :-)

my pop'n kitchen megahouse re-ment box has arrived! I tried really hard to leave it in the box! I opened the large box and took out the small boxes! then I couldn't help myself I had to open the small boxes to see all the cute little bits and then I put them back in the boxes and into the large box... a very enjoyable half an hour of my day! after which I relaxed with a cup of tea! lol!

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  1. *Drool* What a great looking set!! Have fun with it!

  2. Thanks Callsmall!
    It took me a long time to find this as a complete boxed set! I saw the kitchen paper roll and cleaning stuff and I was hooked, now I'm not sure I want to take it out of the plastic :-) but I will.....soon lol!