Thursday, 27 August 2009

Re-ment Daily Living House-hold items

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  1. oh Natalie, I waited so for seeing the lundby house furnished!
    Now please tell me where do you purchase all your re-ment items. some of them I've never found on my google or ebay-search.
    You once gave me a good tip with the kitchen...

  2. Hi Oese,

    Its taking me so long to finish the rooms as I can't decide which furniture I want to use! I have bought quite a bit on ebay and I tried to get complete sets but I couldn't so I am having to mix them, I have done a bit in the kitchen and posted the pictures today! tell me what you think :-)

    Ok re-ment, I buy most of my re-ment on ebay from the US, japan and hong kong, I go unto the japan re-ment site

    and I look through the pictures searching for the one I like then I translate the page to english and search ebay using the translation (I spend a lot of time doing this haha) then I search for the best price and shipping, and buy it.

    There some good sellers like that I buy complete sealed boxes from, such as

    from the US


    from Hong kong

    If you search you will always find different sellers selling the same set for such different prices some sellers are very expensive, so I always take time to browse :-)

    Let me know how you get on xx